Wednesday, July 12, 2006

microbial life

So anyway, today is day three of my microbiology course. Days one and two covered four chapters of material and we did two lab assignments. Tonight will be a long chapter, with copious notes, and then the review for tomorrow's exam. We're moving right along-- there's only thirteen class days left in the semester and we have six exams, a term paper, and six more labs to go. I'm sure we'll cram it all in somehow, our instructor is a cancer researcher and she is leaving on her honeymoon the day after class ends, so there will be no dawdling. Onward, as they say.

I worked with two other women in the lab last night, preparing and staining smears of Staphlococcus, E. coli, and Pseudomonas. We couldn't find nary an E. coli in the bunch, but we got some nice images of the other microorganisms.

It is somewhat reassuring-- 90% of the students in the class are either starting the nursing courses or they are going in as second year nursing students in the fall. One of my lab partners is a second-year student. In her words, she was "three weeks out from my C-section and not cleared to drive yet" but, of course, she was there in the class, infant and toddler at home. We talked about the challenges of nursing school while pregnant for a while-- tough but do-able seemed to be her opinion. Which I can work with.

So, today's work is reading through all those chapters with my "key words" sheet in hand and making notes. Heaven forfend I should forget what a biofilm is, or mix binary fission up with something else.