Saturday, July 15, 2006

Moving on . . .

Well, we signed the initial paperwork for the house this week. We picked a lot (the deepest one that didn't have a lot premium, right down near the end of a cul-de-sac,) and put down the money to reserve it. It backs up on a buffer zone, so no houses will be right behind us. We picked out the brick and the paint colors for the exterior and marked where in the house we want all the cable outlets and phone outlets to go. We selected all the structural upgrades we wanted-- including the 9' ceilings but not the bullnosed corners. Our paperwork gets turned in Wednesday to the main office, now all we have to do is go to the design center and pick the interior colors and the cabinetry.

And wait. And wait. And wait. Our closing is scheduled for February. It will probably be earlier than that, they say, but it seems like forever to be stuck in this house with the temptations of all that square footage so tantalizingly close. Imagine not having to have the dining room table in the corner of the living room! Not having to have the teenager living in what used to be the dining room! Having a garage where the truck will actually fit inside! And a pantry! And an oven that isn't built for Munchkinland!

Of course, in the meantime, money is ridiculously tight. Which makes it all that much better that I won another scholarship, eh?

Yeah, I got my scholarship notification in the mail yesterday. $2000, half payable for fall 2006 and half for spring 2007, to be used for books and tuition and fees. Since I have already paid my fall tuition, I am wondering if I can get them to refund me part of it so I can go buy my scrubs and such. It's rather silly-- my scholarship funds don't disburse until August, but tuition is due by July 3rd. Whose plan was that?

Anyway, that should cover all the rest of my school expenses, once it's released to my account, so I can stop worrying about how I will pay for the fifteen different textbooks and manuals and resource books that are on the required book list. I need to really find out about getting the tuition I paid back from the school-- that's over $900 right there that I could surely use in my bank account. Once I sign the acceptance letter and write the thank-you note, I guess it is time to call the scholarship foundation and start bugging them. $1312.50 per semester, not bad for a small local nursing school. Pretty much pays for it.

Woooo . . . I can probably buy my books soon then.

That's actually a cool thought. Nothing like a stack of books to investigate.

Speaking of books . . . the kids' summer reading program is well underway. Elsa has finished The Outsiders-- now we have the movie coming from Netflix. With Gone with the Wind, we took the opposite tack and watched the movie first so she would understand the general gist of the story and not be so daunted by the thickness of the book. She's also got Wuthering Heights in line, as a compare and contrast exercise. It's fun to finally have her in the teen years, where the books get a little more recent in my memory and I can discuss them more in-depth with her. Of course she's also working her way through the Redwall books and she's got a stack of Dungeons and Dragons books which she's reading and I am pretending not to notice. She's already finished a series of YA fantasy books by Tanith Lee, no idea what they're about and no real intent to find out.

The Little Guy is doing a 2nd grade reading book that features Little Critter, just to keep his reading skills on track. Elsa is reading him The Indian in the Cupboard and his dad is reading him The Mouse and the Motorcycle so he's doing pretty well in the literary sphere.

Anyway, time to go shopping.