Sunday, July 23, 2006


Feel really sick today. Meh. Notfun.

Anyway, that Time of the Year is upon us-- Back to School, with all its hassles, expenses, and hoops to jump through. I looked at the calendar today and noticed that we're on the last week of July already. So it was time to surf over to the school district's website and find out the important stuff-- when does the 8th grader pick up her schedule, what supplies will the second grader need, and oh yeah, when is the first day of school and will it conflict with my first day?

Answers to all of the above questions were readily available. Now the only question that remains is how I'm going to manage to finance the whole endeavor. I was so sick Thursday and Friday that I got nothing done besides my exam and the trip to sign the house paperwork. I'm always starving, but when I eat, I can barely eat anything and then I get sick. So I walk the balance between ravenous and nauseated. An example, in the truck as we waited for our lunch at Sonic, me shaky and irritable-- Tony says to me "You're that nervous about signing all that paperwork . . . or are you just that hungry?" A snarl from me, waiting for the bloody slow Sonic waitress to get there with our order. "Okay, just that hungry."

Anyway, I still need to talk to the scholarship people, hopefully tomorrow. No class tomorrow, but we have another exam on Tuesday, for which I need to spend most of the day studying.

Today, I just need to get out of the house for a while. I think we'll mosey on over to Target to see if they have any Back to School supplies for cheap. We have the luxury of three weeks in which to acquire the supplies, I can just pick them up when they're on some great sale. But it gives me an excuse to get out of the house with the Tribe. And maybe to take a second look at those skirts I saw there last week-- I could really use a new skirt in just a plain black. None of my trousers fit anymore-- I'm at 14 weeks now. Every once in a while, I feel a little tiny baby flutter. Not often, but it's a distinct sensation. Nebby, as we're calling him or her, is moving around in there.

(And umm, Nebby is from our current joke about the baby. We can't decide on a name, so I threatened that if it was a boy, I would name him Nebuchadnezzar. One of my friends said, "Great, name the kid after the biggest tyrant in the Bible." Which, you know, would kind of fit in with the rest of my tyrannical Tribemembers, but hey. Another of my friends says I am a sadist. Which also fits, but meh. Until we actually CAN think of a name which we both like and isn't hideously trendy, Nebby it is.)