Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Had a bit of a nausea and exhaustion setback over the past two days. Really struggling just to make it through the day right now. I have a lab that's due this evening, which I should be working on, but it looks decidedly unappealing at the moment. I'll have to scrape it together, though, can't afford to lose 20 (basically) free points. She grades labs on "completion," not perfection.

Oh well, got a 96 on my first exam. Tonight we're pounding through another chapter of material and doing a sort of DIY throat culture. Wheee. Not.

Last night's lab was Gram stains. We actually didn't do that badly, had good specimens of each of the samples, stained the correct color.

So, I turned in my scholarship paperwork yesterday, by mail. Going to call on Thursday to check about getting a tuition refund. If I can get that, back-to-school clothes for the Tribe would be taken care of.

Urgh. I really feel less than wonderful at the moment. Tempted to go lay down for a while, but then my lab won't get done. I still have to cook dinner before I go to class at 5 . . . Elsa, while she is learning, still doesn't have the knack for getting a lot of ingredients ready in a short time, which is an art you really must learn in order to put together minestrone quickly. And it's minestrone tonight, like it or not, because those veggies need to get used before they become squishy puddles in the bottom of the fridge.

Okay. Maybe I'll open Word and start transcribing my lab notes.