Saturday, July 08, 2006

We went today to see a model of the home we'd like to build, already built down in Temple. Needless to say, it was huge compared to our current home, with some features that were drool-worthy. The master bedroom is giant . . . we could actually fit something besides our four-poster oak monstrousity into the room. Maybe even a chair and end tables and, who knows, a dresser!

It would need some upgrades-- the bigger bathtub, the conversion of the den and half the gameroom into bedrooms, taller cabinets . . . but it would be a complete lifestyle change. The family room/kitchen area is open and airy and spacious. The gameroom upstairs, even after making half of it into a nursery, would be more than roomy enough to put the kids toy table, desk and computer, and video game systems in. The downstairs bedroom would be perfect for Elsa, isolated from the smaller kids and next to the half bath.

All in all, though, we had a very positive impression of the floorplan. Now we just have to get it financed somehow.

I filled out my application today for my subsidized Stafford student loan. That money should arrive just in time to purchase all the baby necessities, with another check arriving at the due date. It might mean the difference next semester, when things will be tight.

Kind of a stressful day, and a step backwards in nausea. Oh well, not all days are ones where you feel good. I just feel particularly bad at the moment. Gonna shower and hit the rack, later.